SASS stands for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets, the SASS slogan is “CSS with Superpowers”, and boy, do they deliver. As a PHP and Javascript programmer, I find SASS an absolute blessing and joy to work with. It makes things so much easier. For example: SASS has variables. This means you can set a variable once in a stylesheet and use that variable wherever you would have used its value instead.

This then makes it much, much, much easier to change small things. Need to change the color theme of the website? With traditional CSS you had to go open the file and manually change the color value everywhere it was applied and hope you didn’t miss anything. With SASS using variables, it’s that much easier and the chances of missing something is much smaller. Simply use a variable to assign something and use that variable throughout the document. If it has to change, simply change the value declared in the beginning, recompile the SASS and it’s applied everywhere it was used.


Scout Screenshot
Scout App Screenshot

Scout-App handles the compilation of the SASS file to a CSS file. It just makes it so much easier to compile the SASS. It also has the ability to output the SASS as a minified CSS, which reduces the size of the CSS significantly, which in turn makes the page loading time faster which means a better user experience.