This is me..erm…*coughs* this thing on?

Oh, it is? Well then…

Hello and welcome to my soapbox. I’m Charl Loubser, and this is my soapbox, where I hope to rant, rave and, just in general, say whatever comes to mind. (Yeah, I know my mind is a scary place, sorry).

a Bit more about me then. My name is Charl Loubser. I have a passion for and absolutely love PHP, HTML and CSS. I also have a love and passion for I.T. in general.

You can read a bit in the About Us section of the website, but basically I was involved in a near-fatal car accident and subsequently disabled, so I had time on my hands.

I realised that I can provide everything my passion encompases in partnership with Ghurtah Studios and Gaceo IT Solutions.

So Webify IT was born. The name basically say that “make it for the web” whatever “it” happens to be, which is what the “IT” refers to. The "IT" also refers to I.T. in general.

We can offer you basically anything I.T. related. From graphics Design, to 3D Modelling, to Animation, to Website Design, to Website Development, to general Web-Based systems/technology development to I.T. Service maintenance contracts, we have it all to offer.

Well, enough about that for now, this is not for marketing after all, contact us for more information or just want to say hi, I’d love to hear from you!

I handle all the website development, web technologies development myself. I use Backdrop CMS, a fork of the very popular and powerful Drupal. I also make use of the extremely popular and powerful Bootstrap theming framework. I use SASS as CSS pre-processor to make it easier to read, make it easier to code and then use the Scout App to compile said SCSS (from the SASS) to CSS, as used, and understood by the browser.

However, these are just some of the tools in our arsenal, there are more, including, but not limited to, Teamviewer, icinga2 and PuTTY.